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The No1 thing you NEED to know this year to smash your next level revenue goals, sign more clients and sky rocket your coaching business


(HINT... It has nothing to do with blowing your budget on ads, creating complicated sales funnels or the law of attraction).

You'll discover:

  • INSIDER SECRETS that can take you from hearing crickets to converting clients like crazy

  • The exact methods you can implement immediately to  SKYROCKET your sales and create a life of ABUNDANCE

  • And I'll be revealing how you can use my signature O.R.S System to sign 3-5 dream clients in the next 30 days

mission statement

Did you know that 94% of millennial business owners experienced work related burnout? *  

Something needs to change! 

That's why here at The Girl Means Business HQ we are dedicated to raising awareness of and preventing burnout in online business owners and entrepreneurs. 

It is my aim to reduce that statistic by at least 20% in the next 5 years. 

And that starts with you. 

You don't need to do much. 

In fact all you need to do is THRIVE. 

AKA become part of the 6% who are living the burnout free dream!

That's right, by putting yourself first, showing yourself some compassion and perhaps encouraging others to do the same, you can literally change the world.

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Create a life of abundance, happiness and success in just 5 minutes!

This daily planner guides you through intention setting, gratitude journaling, self love affirmations and other positive psychology techniques so that you can truly thrive in your business and in life.

The best part is it only takes five minutes to complete! Cassie likes to complete her's as part of a morning and evening routine while her herbal tea is infusing.



The Girl Means Business is the go to consultant for coaches looking to ignite their income and maximise their impact... 


Work with Cassie

Ready to rise up and claim your place among the 6% of business living the burnout free dream?

Imagine for one second how it would feel to wake up feeling excited for the day, to have a clear to do list and to actually experience some you time where you get to totally switch off from work - guilt free! BLISS! 

Her programme is ideal for anyone who is just starting out and has been hit by the overwhelm of having to do everything all at once, while also facing imposter syndrome and self-doubt. She takes all that away and replaces it with clarity and confidence...

Timea C - 1:1 Client 


I felt like I had hit rock bottom but this course has shown me that I am enough and I can do this!